Champion Heavy Crossbred  ::  exh. by Jake Steinbach

Reserve Champion Light Crossbred  ::  exh. by Zach Steinbach

Reserve Champion Pinzgauer  ::  exh. by Lauryn Hacker

Champion Pinzgauer  ::  exh. by Woodhaven

Reserve Supreme Champion Steer and Champion Simmental

exh. by Kirsten Clark

Supreme Champion Steer and Champion Light Crossbred

exh. by Mason Wallace

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer and Reserve Champion SimSolutions

exh. by Fish Show Cattle

Supreme Champion Heifer and Champion SimSolutions

exh. by Anna Doyle

2015 Valley Beef Premier Show Results

Reserve Champion Hereford  ::  exh. by Edward Bonikowske

Reserve Champion Chianina  ::  exh. by Kirsten Clark

Champion Simmental  ::  exh. by Kim Beck

Champion Commercial  ::  exh. by Anna Doyle

Supreme Champions

Breed Champion Heifers

Congratulations to all our exhibitors.

See you in 2016!

Showmanship Winners

Mason Wallace

Sarah Schultz

Nick Erickson

Courtney Stelzer

Samantha Angotti

Alison Peters

Briana Kissinger

Anna Doyle

Claire Duch

Nicholas Duch

Taylor Maroszek

Reserve Champion Simmental  ::  exh. by Nick Erickson

Champion Chianina  ::  exh. by Anna Doyle

Reserve Champion Simmental  ::  exh. by Taylor Maroszek

Reserve Champion Commercial  ::  exh. by Sarah Schultz

Valley Beef Association

Reserve Champion Heavy Crossbred  ::  exh. by Bryce Erickson

Champion AOB  ::  exh. by Kaitlyn Clark

Reserve Champion Shorthorn  ::  exh. by Claire Duch

Champion AOB  ::  exh. by Silver Creek Farm

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Reserve Champion AOB  ::  exh. by Matt Bowman

Champion Shorthorn  ::  exh. by Morgan Denzer

Reserve Champion AOB  ::  exh. by Evan Ladwig

Champion Hereford  ::  exh. by Edward Bonikowske

Division Champion Steers